Plaster scenery and film props

Plaster scenery and film props

The world of movies and television has evolved tenfold, with more and more productions offering sterling cast performances and amazing special effects. However, that’s not to say that more conventional methods of creating new worlds are any less relevant. In fact, the use of plaster moulding remains a popular choice when it comes to creating movie sets.

The popularity of plaster within the film and television industry can be attributed to its versatility and ease of use. Whether you’re looking for skulls, pistols, body parts or imaginary creatures, plaster mouldings can help you recreate any kind of scenery.

Evidence of this can be seen in the popular TV show “Game of Thrones.” Although the episode “Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroke” had a mixed reception among critics, it won audiences over globally. The episode even won two awards, including the ADG Excellence in Production Design Award.

An example of how adaptable plasterwork is can be witnessed in one of the most famous scenes within the episode. The House of  Black and White, situated in Braavos, is home to the infamous Hall of Faces. This sinister vault holds the faces of victims killed at the hand of the Faceless Men, a group of assassins.

The episode was so realistic that even the most hardened of fans had a chill down their spine when they witnessed the many faces of past victims in an unsettling environment. It may surprise some that this realistic and immersive environment wasn’t due to converting an old basement or using CGI, it was done with bespoke plaster mouldings.

More Props for More Purposes

Some films offer a real-world look into crime and corruption, whereas others will be looking to craft a fantasy land fit for the family. Regardless of your vision, the use of bespoke plaster mouldings for set construction is recommended for both film and theatrical scenery.

Not only is the use of plaster moulding more cost-effective, it is also more accurate than other methods. This is ideal for an indie filmmaker who doesn’t have much to spend but wants to create props that are believable and creative.

Even those looking to recreate history can make use of plaster moulding to allow viewers to step back in time in a believable. “Titanic” made use of several solutions to create an immersive and believable world, and the scenic hallways aboard the vessel are another example the use of plaster moulding is in the world of entertainment.

Bespoke Plaster Scenery

Bespoke Plaster Mouldings Ltd has designed and manufactured plaster moulding for film scenery and theatrical productions on several occasions; from intricate columns (see below) and brick sheets to bespoke mouldings such as plane debris, you can be confident that Bespoke is able to craft your vision. The experienced gained within the industry means that we can liaise with directors and producers to ensure that their vision is brought to life, regardless of how complex the project is.