Five advantages of using jesmonite

Five advantages of using jesmonite

Jesmonite is a versatile composite material used in construction and fine arts. Even though it was invented in 1984, jesmonite became increasingly popular over the past five years when it started being used by interior designers, architects and furniture makers such as Russell Pinch, and it was even named ‘Material of the Year‘ at the 2017 London Design Fair.

Our experts at Bespoke Plaster Mouldings Ltd have produced various architectural mouldings in jesmonite, for both interior and exterior use, and recommend it as an alternative to traditional material such as art stone and metal. But why should a customer choose jesmonite over other materials?

1. It’s versatile

Jesmonite is considered a ‘chameleon material’ that can mimic any texture and can be pigmented to any colour. It can be moulded to any shape and size, and can be used to replicate the appearance and surface finish of many other materials including wood, stone, metal and even leather.

For instance, these jesmonite tiles coated with flex metal paint for a metallic finish are simple, yet so stylish. Placed on a tired wall to enhance a room, they are the perfect type of metallic decor to accentuate your space, without breaking the bank.

2. It’s durable

Strong and hard-wearing, jesmonite mouldings are resistant to high impact, making them ideal for exterior decor, which may be subject to wind, rain and stormy weather. Whether you’re looking to repair existing features, or you’re interested in adding new mouldings to your residence, jesmonite mouldings offer an optimal solution because they’ll last for years to come.

3. It’s lightweight

Jesmonite is lighter than stone, glass-reinforced concrete, sand and cement products. For this reason it is often used by prop makers in movie sets like the Star Wars instalment ‘The Force Awakens and ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’.

4. It’s environmentally friendly

Among its many advantages, jesmonite is also better for the environment because it is water-based rather than solvent-based. It has a class zero fire rating, reduced smoke density and is completely solvent-free, meaning it is safer and ‘greener’ than many other composite materials. 

5. It can replicate fine details

Jesmonite has great definition and is suited for complex detailed mouldings, with less chance of breaking. In addition, it has been associated with prestigious aesthetic designs and has been used in
high-profile residences including the Imperial War Museum and the Buckingham Palace – and if the Queen approves, who are we to argue?

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