Faux wood beams for an authentic rustic vibe

Whether you’re renovating a period property or revamping an old barn, wooden beams are a great way of adding character to a property. Unfortunately, not every building can handle the weight of wooden beams, nor can they be installed easily. This is especially true if you’re looking to build an oak framed house or your dream log cabin. Fortunately, there are solutions available that not only reduce the cost of creating such a look but could be even more practical than using genuine oak beams.

What are Faux Wood Beams?

As the name would suggest, faux wood beams are replica oak beams, also known as imitation oak beams or false wood beams, made from plaster as opposed to wood. In addition to being indistinguishable from genuine wood, beams made from plaster have several advantages over real wood beams and can be a great alternative, adding a rustic vibe to your property.

Endless Color Possibilities

Due to the high cost of authentic wood beams, many customers shop around for the best deals and end up purchasing different oak beams from several vendors. This may not only result in using several different shades of beams but also making it harder to match them up. Of course, if this is the look you’re going for, then this won’t be too much of a hindrance. However, if you’re looking for a more uniformed look, it can be troublesome trying to keep everything the same tone.

Fortunately, the use of plaster beams can ensure that you’re able to recreate the natural wood look of Tuscany and Rough Hewn Timber at a fraction of the price of real wood. To achieve this, all you need to do is prime the beams with a sealer and then finish off with a water based wood stain. We strongly suggest using darker colours for a natural looking finish.

No Heavy Lifting Required

Due to the lightweight nature of faux oak beams, they can be used in any building without requiring any structural alteration, unlike real wood which may be too heavy or big for some properties. Since an installation can be quickly completed, you can complete a refurbishment within days as opposed to weeks, although that always depends on the scale of the project.

Imitation Oak Beams Are as Durable as The Real Thing

Some may dismiss the use of beams constructed from plaster, as they assume that they’re not as durable as the real thing, however that couldn’t be further away from the truth. Not only are plaster beams able to offer the same aesthetics as the genuine thing but they can be more resilient as well. Plaster beams are fireproof and aren’t going to be subjected to any of the issues that can be experienced with wooden beams, such as rot and bowing.

When it comes to makeovers and restorations, people will always have a personal preference. However, the use of plaster beams gives people an option that is lightweight, cost-affordable and in many regards, better than the real thing. If you’re interested in plaster beams, have a look at our previous projects with imitation oak beams or contact us directly to book a free consultation and discuss the best solution for your design needs.