4 ways to create the perfect statement ceiling

4 ways to create the perfect statement ceiling

One of the most popular Pinterest trends, statement ceilings can transform your room and the whole look of your house. From lighting to paint to plaster moulds, here are four ways to create the perfect statement ceiling!

1. Reflective lighting

There are some fantastic pendants and light fittings available, many of which will reflect light up onto your ceiling, as well as down onto your room.

Most lampshades are lined with a simple, white inner; however, lampshades with reflective gold, copper or silver panelling inside the shade will help to bounce light up onto your ceiling, creating the illusion of more height. These can be purchased in various home stores, or, if you fancy getting your DIY hat on, you could even attach a reflective inner strip yourself.

Alternatively, source some small lanterns with geometric patterns in the metalwork. If you hang these from your ceiling, the geometric metalwork will reflect its light pattern, making it more of a focal point. This is a quick, affordable way to make your ceiling more appealing and unique.

2. Paint effects and patterns

Use paint to create effects or patterns on your ceiling. If you haven’t painted a ceiling before or you’re worried about giving yourself a stiff neck, hire a professional ceiling painter, who will be able to advise on colour schemes, patterns and paint options. Alternatively, you could do it yourself! Just boost your confidence by indulging in ceiling painting inspiration online before taking the plunge into that pot of paint!

Whether you’re into geometric patterns and symmetrical lines or more clean-cut paint designs like the one shown above, painting your ceilings is a sure-fire way to create a statement.

3. Panel mouldings

Plaster panel moulds and corners are a fantastic way to transform your ceiling. They will frame your existing decor, while adding to the style and feel of the room. From ornate panel moulds with vines and leaves to simpler, traditional designs, there are a variety of mouldsavailable to suit many different home interiors.

These bespoke panel moulds for example were designed by Bespoke Plaster Mouldings in collaboration with the client, and were handcrafted and installed by our experienced plasterers. Featured in the main sitting area of the estate, these panel moulds added pizzazz and character to the space without overdoing it.

4. Ceiling roses

Use a plaster ceiling rose to beautify your light fitting. Ceiling roses work wonderfully with a range of lighting, from pendant lampshades to more unusual hanging lanterns and elegant chandeliers. Many interior designers choose ceiling roses as a way of giving the ceiling a centrepiece or to simply add a subtle decorative feature. In the picture below, we can see an example of how the Large Victorian plaster ceiling rose transformed the ceiling in one of the main sitting areas at the Harrogate Club.

So it’s clear that, with confidence and some decor inspiration, the rooms in your home will soon feature the statement ceilings you desire! And if you still need some guidance on what would best transform your ceiling, then contact us and we’ll be happy to help!